At Salem Medical Center we focus on providing distinctive comprehensive medical care and health education to all our patients to achieve high levels of patient satisfaction. .


Our mission is to provide and develop comprehensive medical care to create an efficient environment for individuals and institutions by getting the best expert team in the medical and administrative fields.


We aim to be the largest provider of comprehensive medical services in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia within 3 years.


  • Creativity

    We are committed to supporting, adopting and implementing creative ideas..

  • Credibility

    We are committed to credibility based on the consensus of all employees with their work.

  • Respect the time

    We are committed to doing our work on time without any delay.

  • Precision

    We are committed to doing our work on the best and perfect way without any delay or defect.

  • Quality

    We are committed to working according to qualitative standards that ensure giving high value services.