Emergency department
Emergency department at Salem Medical Center operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The department provides various types of urgent care for emergencies, especially acute or sudden illness or accidents. The department consists of a recovery room that receives the patient just after his arrival by the ambulance. Also, there are rooms and clinics for medical examination and treatment. Emergency department is under supervision of a team of efficient emergency doctors. This team is helped by well trained experienced nursing staff, which can do all emergency procedures like cardio-pulmonary resuscitation (CPR) …, etc. The Emergency department provides a lot of therapeutic measures starting with procedures of minor surgeries as wound stitching and to managing high risk cases as accidents and polytrauma. Emergency department is committed to providing safe, effective, high quality service that focuses on the patient and his recovery. The Emergency department is divided into: Section 1: General emergency for men. Section 2: General emergency for women. Section 3: General emergency for children.
Medical Transportation
Salem Medical center provides Medical transportation service (ambulance) & treating patients or injured cases anywhere, Available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Medical transportation service has ambulance cars equipped with the latest techniques; these cars are controlled by the center. Medical transportation services are provided by a team of experienced paramedics and well trained experienced emergency doctors to provide first aid and care to accident patients before being transferred to the emergency department.
Home medical care
Salem Medical Center provides a unique medical service for anyone who needs special medical care at home, providing him more comfort and relief of burden on the family. Health services provided at home: Medical services. Nursing. Pharmacy services. Clinical nutrition. Laboratory services. Respiratory care. Home health services: Regular household service such as follow up of diabetics, care of cardiac and respiratory patients and wound management and sterilization away of any infection. Various procedures such as intravenous injection, intravenous feeding, full intravenous feeding, antibiotic therapy and pain management. Assist in daily activities. Blood sampling. Assessment of advanced and serious cases. Traumatized cases care. Medical and therapeutic services. Providing medications. Feeding services. Rehabilitation. Respiratory service. Providing all necessary equipment, devices and tools.
Medical labs
Salem Medical Center laboratory provides the best investigation services as it is equipped with the latest medical equipment. Lab tests offered: Routine tests (Liver function, Kidney function, Lipid profile, Blood glucose Levels). Tests of sexually transmitted diseases. Immunology tests. Tests of classic and hereditary anemia, complete blood count (CBC) and coagulation profile. Microbiological diagnostic tests for Bacteria, Fungi and Parasites. PCR, HCV, HBV and AIDS. Detection of antibodies against Bacteria and Viruses. Tuberculin test (for TB). DNA tests for blood units.
Radiology department
Radiology department at Salem Medical Center provides the latest radiographic diagnostic services to support various medical departments and other medical specialties to enable them to provide their services effectively and fully. The radiology department consists of a specialized team of specialists and consultants who perform various types of Imaging such as panorama rays, ultrasound, fluroscinoscopy, X-ray diagnostic imaging and mobile X-ray devices. Radiological Services we offer: CT Scan. Ultrasonography. X-ray & emergency X-ray.
Family medicine clinic
The Family Medicine Department at Salem Medical Center includes the best qualified family doctors, giving our patients the medical care that help them to prevent common disease and also for early diagnostic services. The patient is referred to the specialized consultant when needed. Treated cases in the center: Treatment of common diseases & primary medical examination of any symptom. Treatment of infectious diseases; such as hepatitis, typhoid fever, pneumonia and bronchitis. Treatment of chronic diseases; such as hypertension, diabetes, bronchial asthma, osteoporosis and gout. Routine check ups and assessments.
Internal medicine clinic
Internal medicine clinic at Salem Medical Center is one of the largest specialized clinics in diagnosis and treatment of diseases in internal medicine. The clinic is supervised by qualified internal medicine and endoscopy consultants led by Dr. Mohammed Abu Zeid, consultant of internal medicine and the holder of the Saudi Board & the Arab Board. Treated cases: Chronic diseases. Disorders of blood glucose level. Hypertension & hyperlipidemia. Treatment and follow up of geriatric diseases. Routine check-up procedures. Renal disorders. Infectious diseases. Rheumatoid & immunological diseases. Hematological diseases. Endocrine disorders.
ENT clinic
ENT clinic in Salem Medical Center Includes experienced specialists in diagnosis and treatment of ENT disease, in addition to performing all needed surgical interventions with the highest level of efficiency. Treated cases: Assessment of hearing functions in children and newborn. Tinnitus. Nose allergy, nose inflammation and sinusitis. Rhinoscopy, otoscopy and laryngoscopy. Foreign body removal. Treatment of snoring & obstructive sleeping apnea. Vocal cord problems. Breathing problems. Diagnosis and treatment of vertigo.
Pediatric clinic
Children's health lies at the top of our priorities. The pediatric clinic at Salem Medical Center works hard to provide effective treatment for all our children's diseases and provide comprehensive care to children in all subspecialties such as preterm incubators and pediatric intensive care. On the other hand, we care about routine check-ups for follow up of children's growth and development; doctors will provide you all information and tips you need in each developmental stage of your kid, also doctors will help you to detect any medical problem in the early stage and thus the ease and effectiveness of treatment. Treated cases: All pediatric emergencies. Basic and preventive vaccines. Chest problems. Gastrointestinal problems. Dermatological problems. Cardiac problems. Endocrine problems, infantile diabetes and growth disorders. Newborn and infants. Urology problems and congenital malformation. Hematological problems. Allergy disorders. Developmental dislocation of the hip. Neurological diseases and convulsions.
Gynecology & obstetrics clinic.
Gynecology and obstetrics clinic at Salem Medical Center offers comprehensive and integrated women's services through planning of various qualitative health programs as well as awareness and nutrition programs for pregnant and lactating women. Treated cases: Diagnosis and treatment of gynecological disorders. Early detection of breast & cervical tumors. Pregnancy follow-up. Recurrent abortion. Polycystic ovary. Endometriosis. Hormonal disorders.
Dental clinic
Dental clinic at Salem Medical Center provides all the dental subspecialties for different age groups of children, adults and the elderly. The dental clinic is equipped to meet international quality standards and infection control systems. It is equipped with automatic sterilization units; also it follows advanced anesthesia systems. Treated cases: In Children, tooth decay in temporary and permanent teeth. Control unwanted oral habits. Cosmetic dentistry and orthodontics for children and adults. Treatment of facial fractures caused by accidents and other injuries. Cosmetic dentistry. Treatment of periodontal disease. Treatment of dental roots. Prosthetic prosthesis.
<p>Pharmacy at Salem Medical Center applies the best techniques in all its work stages, we storage and transport medications in cars equipped with cooling systems to ensure the effectiveness and validity of the medications. This process is done automatically to ensure accuracy and safety.</p> <p> The pharmacy is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week through a team of pharmacists who are qualified to direct the patients to the proper use of the medications and advise them against drug side effect or interactions, especially in patients with chronic diseases. The pharmacy offers all types of medications and cosmetics. </p>